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Your Questions


*What makes Rockbox different to other classes?


Rockbox keep our moves and routines simple but effective giving you as an instructor less time learning complicated choreography, and more time giving your clients the energy. These therapy fuelled workout are great for ALL levels of fitness,  inclusive for all, and with the style of music we use we find is a very different class to the usual playlists. The gains from a Rockbox class are endless. From the obvious weight, inch loss and toning benefits, there is an added element of stress relief that our clients have benefited from. This is why we call it our therapy session, improving confidence, reducing stress and anxieties therefore aiding both the body and mind.

*Do all instructors teach the same?

Yes, all instructors will be given set tracks and choreo to perform in their classes, there are no variations its up to you to put your stamp and personality into the tracks. This ensures a consistent Rockbox experience.


*What qualifications do I need to become a Rockbox instructor?

We require a level 2 or 12 months ETM teaching experience to you to become an instructor


Is there a licence fee and does it expire?

Yes, and this is compulsory on a monthly basis to continue teaching, via direct debit and is your responsibility to ensure this is ongoing, This is a total of £19 per month. As soon as you qualify as an instructor this will start immediately, meaning you'll have access to new choreo on a monthly basis, clothing, and the use of the Rockbox logo for promotional purposes.

What will I be assessed on?

On the course you will be assessed on a number of elements. One stick video, one choreo video, and a theory quiz at the end of your course.

This course can be failed if we feel the criteria isn’t met.


How soon can I teach RockBox ?

This is totally up to you and your work ethic and passion, once you have mastered the number of tracks required for a 45/60 min class you are free to Rock!!


Where do I get playlist music from?

Rockbox does not provide the music’s this must be purchased yourself, there are many apps such as Apple,Deezer,Spotify etc which are very affordable and accessible for your playlists


Do you need a music licence to teach Rockbox?

In most countries, unless your venue is already covered you will generally need a music licence because we use original tracks from well-known artists not cover versions (the music is one of the key selling points of Rockbox)


How do I promote my classes?

Promoting classes is the instructors responsibility and there are numerous ways to do this, social media, local papers and events to name a few.


What do I receive as a RockBox instructor?

*Access to monthly choreography

*Marketing materials 

*Discounts on merchandise

Access to our online Members' Area

Access to an exclusive Facebook support group

One-to-one support from a RockBox Mentor or Account Manager

You could get 90% OFF training if you're eligible for the EMD UK bursary.

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