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We set out to create an inclusive class that combined our passion for boxing, with something that massively motivates us in our style of training, which is good motivational music. We wanted non-complicated, easy to follow routines, so people can better concentrate on correct technique and good form.
We  wanted a class that is very inclusive for all levels of fitness, women, men and children can take part, feel included and empowered.

As well as  teaching  main community group fitness class, we work with other community projects weekly such as mental health units, stroke units offering the class with a fully chair based variation, adults with additional needs groups, and ex substance abuse groups. The classes have had a huge positive impact and feedback in these sectors.
We set out to achieve a fun workout for our own personal timetable at our venues,  never expecting or dreaming of the brand having such an amazing impact in community’s across the UK. We know that we are providing so much more than just a workout to people; it’s having a huge positive impact on people’s mental health and self confidence knowing that it’s ok not to be ok. A healthy release of aggression is good for you, and it’s ok to be different.


Rockbox Fitness was created to make a fun, effective, stress busting, therapy session for the body and mind that’s inclusive for all.

Our concept is completely unique to anything else offered in the fitness industry, it was originally created back in 2017, where the classes built up a huge following very quickly in our town, with sold out classes weekly and large waiting lists. We decided to take our concept to a fitness event and see how the reaction would be to a Rock music based fitness class to the usual dance music lovers, and although petrified to see if we would be welcomed being so different, we were overwhelmed with the response by both fitness class lovers and instructors. We decided to get the concept endorsed, and sell the brand to instructors. We’ve never looked back since, and the brand has gone from strength to strength even through the toughest of times for the industry, through the pandemic.

The gains from a Rockbox class are endless! From the obvious weight/inch loss, toning, strength building and empowerment that our clients have benefited from, it also has the added element of stress relief, improving confidence, reducing stress and anxieties. This is a workout that aids the mind just as much as the body. This is why it’s become lovingly known as a therapy session.

​Boxing for fitness (even non-contact) not only works the whole body, but improves fitness, stamina, co-ordination, motor skills and muscular strength. Releasing aggression in this way is also very therapeutic. The drumsticks are an added fun, that works perfectly with the rock music; contributing to motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and all over body muscle toning to high reps. The use of the toning tracks, with the sticks in between the boxing tracks for high intensity cardio mean that this interval style exercise is both beneficial and sustainable.

The use of classic and modern rock music is both motivating and empowering. We encourage embracing the rock star within you (we all have one!) We find the combination of all three elements is a great way to let off steam in a safe environment, and have fun while gaining fitness and body confidence. Being a non dance brand, the movements are easy to follow, and therefore highly effective offering low  to high impact, so it’s suitable to all.

It’s always been really important to us that people can come to our classes, at any fitness ability, and feel empowered; seeing themselves gaining in strength and confidence.


Our team

Team Rockbox are just the best team we could of ever wished for!

Our instructors are an eclectic mix of fitness professionals with a huge passion for what they do. We have a mix of ages, backgrounds & gender our sessions. As with our classes being inclusive for all, we also encourage this with our instructors, not letting any disability or additional learning needs stop our instructors providing our classes to the community.
2020 saw our industry have to adapt our businesses to online platforms, and thankfully our instructors have gone from strength to strength that tough times make tough people. They have kept so many people active and de stressed throughout the pandemic, as well as the brand keeping many instructors working both online or outdoors. The team have just never given up and we couldn’t be prouder of them all.

We love the fact our instructors support each other in a very competitive environment; whether it be cover for holidays and maternity, sharing and liking each other’s posts. They all see how much demand they’re is for classes, that there’s room for all to teach, and create there own tribe we work together not against each other.

Achievements so far

Since 2018 we have provided regular  classes within the mental health sector, adults with additional needs, adults in recovery, both primary & secondary school children & stroke units providing a full chair based version of the class. Our Brand is fully endorsed by EMD UK the national governing body for Group Exercise.   

Since 2018 we have been invited to perform at some of the UKs biggest fitness events such as Project Fit, Fit Jam, IFS, Fitness Fiesta, Run fest Run, Orbit Fitness Festival Big Beatz, Fit camps, Fit Fest and attended numerous charity events across the UK. 

Winners of Best Newcomer and Best Non dance brand at the National Community awards 2019

Fit Pro UK awards for best newcomer to the industry Runners up 2020

Winners Best Non Dance brand at the National Community awards2021

Winners of Best Combat Based Workout at the British Fitness Awards 2023

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