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Jade Hendon and Sharon Clifton are the creators of this unique, empowering concept of a work out.

 Meeting in a boxing gym and loving the benefits of it they became great friends; They saw a gap in the fitness market for a class that combined a boxing-based workout that was non-competitive, the use of sticks and air guitars for a fun element to the class and the added niche of rock music as an alternative to usual class playlists.

They wanted easy to follow routines, so people could better concentrate on correct technique, and a class that is incredibly inclusive for all levels of fitness, women, men and children can take part feel included and empowered.

By trialing the class in a local town and being overwhelmed by great feedback and regular clients, Rock Box has now grown to a Brand that has classes across the uk and plans to go further International. 

In addition to the community, The Rock Box team work with the NHS to provide class for mental health units both staff and patients as a non-medicinal type of therapy. Also with schools, Adults with learning difficulties and ex substance abuse groups. The feedback has been incredible and hugely rewarding.